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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  October 11, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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when seen as a patriotic organization they lost those fans forever. keep giving us your opinions. heather: that wraps it up for this our, see you back here at 4:00 tomorrow, "fox and friends" first continues now, goodbye. rob: it is wednesday, october 11th, donald trump talking taxes in pennsylvania. what does this mean for your bottom line? rob: hillary clinton announcing -- denouncing harvey weinstein. what took so long? rob: tanking ratings and tax breaks on the line and roger goodell has newfound patriotism, do the little the little too late, "fox and friends" first continues right now.
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>> you are a firework, what do you say about that? good morning, you are watching "fox and friends" first. rob: thank you for starting the day with us. our top story, donald trump will hit the road to push a saxophone plan. jolene: what can we expect? joining us with brand-new details is griff jenkins. >> listen, the president heading to harrisburg, pennsylvania, favoring the third trip since taking office, talking about pennsylvania workers at an air national guard anger, expected to be truckers, a group they
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consider the lifeblood of the economy, when trucks are moving so is the economy. we expect the president to talk about personal stories of those who stand to benefit from the tax reform plan. here's what he had to say looking ahead to today's speech. >> people want to see tax cuts, major reductions in taxes and tax reform and that is what we are doing. >> reporter: the president not giving up on healthcare planning to use the power of his pen to take action signing a measure this week that would allow americans to buy healthcare across state lines as the majority of americans are growing tired of in action in washington, attempts at repealing and replacing obamacare, lindsey graham says there's a lot in store for the party if they can't deliver on the president's agenda. >> if republicans don't the liver on tax reform, repealing and replacing obamacare and
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keeping americans safe we are going to lose. >> reporter: how likely a republicans to deliver on the president's tax reform? one concern is the president's recent twitter viewed with bob corker because like healthcare the gop will need 50 votes to pass and republicans can only afford to lose two votes. maybe we will learn more, the president sits down with sean hannity, we will see what comes. rob: not a lot of details how this is going to work. moving on to the ever-expanding harvey weinstein scandal, he boarded a private jet overnight headed to a sex rehab center on another continent, in europe. jillian: hillary clinton finally breaking her silence saying, quote, i was shocked and appalled by the revelations about harvey weinstein, behavior
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described by women coming forward cannot be tolerated. weinstein, friend and donor to clinton and counselor to the president kellyanne conway tweeting it took hillary five minutes to blame the nra for the massive rampage talking about las vegas but five days to sort of kind of blame harvey weinstein for sexual assault. rob: georgina chapman announcing she's leaving him hours after a bombshell report detailed accusations from three women who say weinstein had raped them. new yorker magazine obtaining an audio recording of a sting operation involving weinstein and the younger model, this is pretty disturbing to listen to. >> i don't feel comfortable. >> i'm not going to do anything. i am a famous guy. come in now couple one minute. i am sorry. come in and sit down.
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>> i am not used to that. jillian: manhattan district attorney's office decided not to press charges in that case. hillary clinton hasn't said whether she will give that money back. rob: monica crowley believes the hollywood mogul thought he was in the clear because liberals would have his back. >> reporter: hillary clinton said over the last year that women who make these accusations should be believed. and harvey weinstein in the first day of the scandal was telling people this would blow over because as a good liberal throwing his money around he would be protected and for a long time he was.
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rob: gwyneth paltrow and angelina jolie say he prayed on them, not giving specific details but, quote, i had a bad experience with harvey weinstein in my youth and chose never to work with him again. rob: it keeps coming out and he has gone to europe to avoid the paparazzi. we will talk about another topic, the nfl, the national and that this expanding story and change of pace for roger goodell. jillian: he put out a statement that i will be due in part, like many fans we believe everyone should stand for the national anthem. we want to honor our flag and country and our fans expect that of us. the beginning part of this letter reads we live in a country that can feel divided especially in the nfl, bring people together, let's set aside those divisions for a few hours and that is the thing a lot of people have trouble with. for them, football, sunday,
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monday night, that was there way to escape reality. rob: here is monday night football. a major show, week 5, down 17% from week 4 so this is a consistent plummet for them. let's listen to former house speaker newt gingrich on this topic. >> one of the things that is driving the media crazy is trump has this instinct for taking the side of the american people and taking the side of american history and willing to stand up to every politically correct -- gradually beginning to break. it gives him a well of support that is not measurable in traditional terms. all the elitists who wrote columns about how wrong it was for trump to do this the average american said no, exactly right
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and dave winston and his team did their paul and found out the nfl had collapsed, i am sure roger goodell in a moment of the patriotism and desire not to go broke. rob: it is a business to him and has to make a smart business decision but also petrified of left-leaning pc groups once they brand you as insensitive you are screwed. he is trying to play that on the fence. jillian: we spent so much time talking about cte, we had this now so i'm not surprised to see these ratings going down in increasing amounts. >> facebook, twitter, instagram, email. let's move on to other news, two
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navy commanders of the uss john mccain fired after a crash that left 10 sailors dead. that accident rules preventable. commanding officer sanchez and jeffrey sanchez relieved from their positions for poor leadership and judgment in august, the missile destroyer collided with an oil tank or near singapore in a busy area. the navy believed by several, commander of the seventh fleet from his duties after that crash. >> parents who lied about her son joining isis overseas will learn their fate. they moved from texas to syria to fight with the terror group in 2014. they first denied knowing about the violent plan but later pleaded guilty to making false statements, they will be sentenced tomorrow at face eight years behind bars, no word on whether their sons are still alive. >> the mandalay bay hotel report
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the gunmen shot hotel security guard before opening fire on that crowded las vegas, that might not be true, the company saying, quote, what is currently being expressed may not be accurate. the gunmen may have used the hotel's freight elevator days before opening fire leaving 58 people dead. the killer reportedly used specific bullets to you create an explosion when shooting at fuel tanks. >> new limits where you can buy a gun in california. and appeals court ruling county leaders have the right to restrict locations of done stores. the ruling upholds an ordinance banning stores near schools, neighborhoods and liquor stores, restricting shop locations did not violate the second amendment. >> for the first time in 30 years the men app soccer team will not take the field for the world cup. >> reality setting in like a sledgehammer on the us bench.
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jillian: the 20th-ranked americans losing to 99th ranked trinidad numtwo-when ending their streak of 7 straight appearances at the world cup. breaks your heart. 10 minutes after the hour. what could be one of the worst natural disasters in california history is 0% contained at this hour. live on the ground as the search intensifies for hundreds of people missing in the raging inferno. >> marsha blackburn responding after twitter had a change of heart deciding it is no longer offensive to be conservative. >> the american people rose up, sick and tired of liberal elites and the liberal media telling them what they are going to listen to. >> the backlash growing over the social media site's censorship. ♪
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oral-b. brush like a pro. jillian: back with fox news alert, it could be one of the worst natural disasters in california history and you can see by the flames massive wildfires leaving 17 people dead. rob: 200 people are missing. adam housley live in his hometown of napa with the latest. >> reporter: we just moved over the hill to an area to give you an idea how fast these fires are moving, the ridge that separates napa county from solano county, you can see conditions change as i was there on that ridge, the fire moved from napa county to solano county, two counties, this area here jumping from hillside hillside at one point, spotted 3 quarters of a mile
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away, the fire jumped 3 quarters of a mile with wins, crazy time, forced a lot of evacuations in this area. some were surprised, came across some folks trying to get their cows out, into a horse trailer and got out before the flames went through their property. listen to what they said about escaping these flames. >> we came to help these people evacuate their cattle and to evacuate horses, we have a big horse trailer to get their cattle. >> reporter: the call had gone out for anybody to help in this area. what is interesting is we are not far from a large community of homes, two more miles to my east was there is worry when the wind comes back if it comes from the west and blows to the east that community might be threatened by these fires the
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jump around here. this is the atlas fire, 25,000 acres, 0% contained, the sonoma fire, all told, 2000 different facilities, houses and businesses have burned, 17 people have died. jillian: a lot of people missing but that could be because there's not great service up there. >> reporter: cell service is spotty. we are okay but in napa sonoma very little cell service. a number of viewers contacted me and found their loved ones so a lot of people don't know where to go, no way to call out. 200 missing persons reports filed, that doesn't mean 200 people are dead or in hospital, they don't know where they are. rob: thank you so much. jillian: you are under arrest, you can sue the cop who arrested you? that is up for debate. we will explain.
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rob: a farmer sending a letter to athletes standing for the national and. >> not because of black, white, brown, republican or democrat at all about honoring the flag and the men and women who died for our veterans. rob: that story trending, shot harley shimkus breaking it down after the break. ♪ ♪ don't matter
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>> the american people are sick and tired of the liberal elite,
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and what is going to be pushed forward and broadcast and what is not and in this example it was twitter and to talk about pro-life, pro-baby was inflammatory and evo negative response. and they allow it to serve. i doubled down standing for life. rob: marsha blackburn on the story to pool ads from her campaign video. >> twitter is reversing its decision. carly shimkus from serious xm 115 with all that you see details. >> twitter made a mistake which is incredible. on monday twitter executives said they decided to ban congresswoman's senate campaigns, she said she talked
2:23 am
about baby body parts referring to investigating planned parenthood. the decision to ban that had caused viral outrage and twitter says they are reversing course. after reconsidering the ad, we believe there is room to refine our policies around the issue. the latest development is going viral. it is called a victory for free speech, scott said make america great again by beating back censorship. and thank you for standing up for your beliefs, twitter has no right to censor, what about freedom of speech? those are questions she will address on "fox and friends". she will be on at 8:30 eastern time today. and update on this story.
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a university professor who blames the las vegas shooting on white victimization and trump supporters has been placed on administrative leave. after this tragedy took place is professor took to twitter with this message, he said white people and men are told they are entitled to everything. this is what happens when they don't get what they want. the narrative of white victimization has been gradually built in the past 40 years, the spinal column of trump's them and the most extreme form of the white genocide myth. after increased outrage over this guy's message, they placed him on leave because they feared for their students's safety, death threats are never good but some people saying his being placed on leave was the right call including giuseppe who says he is teaching people they will hire anyone, sean says this guy is an idiot, should of lost his job a long time ago, they have
2:25 am
to figure the safety of their students first and foremost. he says he is going to take legal action to get his job back. jillian: a farmer telling the nfl what he thinks. >> larger-than-life message for these football players as you see, we stand for the national anthem. farmer jean henson in north dakota was on "fox and friends" first earlier this morning. take a listen. >> it is not black or brown or republican or democrat, it is about honoring the flag and the men and women who died for our country. >> getting 5 minutes of fame, isn't he the best? if you want to protest something do it another time, not during the national anthem. he received support from donald trump junior, he posted this story on his twitter account,
2:26 am
getting 15 minutes of fame. rob: hillary clinton finally speaking out about harvey weinstein, a lot of people asking what took so long? is hollywood about to come apart at the seams? jillian: a couple on vacation finds a camera in their bedroom pointing at their bed. wait until you hear how they found it. ♪
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♪ it's not just a car, it's your daily treat. ♪ go ahead, spoil yourself. the es and es hybrid. experience amazing. we're on a mission to show drip coffee drinkers, it's time to wake up to keurig. wakey! wakey! rise and shine! oh my gosh! how are you? well watch this. i pop that in there. press brew. that's it. so rich. i love it. that's why you should be a keurig man! full-bodied. are you sure you're describing the coffee and not me? jillian: accusations against harvey weinstein growing worse by the day and it took hillary clinton five days to denounce her friend and donor and she says québec i was shocked and appalled by revelations about harvey weinstein, the behavior described by women coming
2:30 am
forward cannot be tolerated. their courage is critical in stopping this behavior. so long to be able to release that statement. here to discuss is republican strategist and democratic strategist, thanks for joining us. why did it take so long and did that timeframe appropriate? >> no. i'm not really surprised. remember when her husband had all those scandals and all these women coming forward she actually had a committee for what she called the bimbo direction. she put the blame on the women. i'm not surprised it took her this long to say how wrong it is. >> she championed women's rights and you are talking about a lot of money donated to the
2:31 am
democratic party. what is your take on this? the statement came out, a number of democratic leaders didn't stand up, sexual predators work by creating this intimidation not for their victims but people around them. i find it amazing i saw kellyanne conway, strong donald trump supporters come out aggressively on this because donald trump was accused of the exact same thing. the access hollywood tape, the 17 women that came out. every time someone mentions harvey weinstein from the trump administration it reminds people of the challenges donald trump had so funny that hearing from them, sexual predators are everywhere. the donald trump was accused of, if he was leader of a hollywood studio or news organization, he would have been fired for his.
2:32 am
harvey weinstein is awful, hillary clinton should have denounced it much earlier but the trump administration circuit saying stuff like that i don't understand that politically. jillian: for a second i was wondering if you were saying it was okay she took that long but it is not okay. >> it is never okay. this is a problem on college campuses, in corporate america. all of us need to be united making sure anytime we hear something like this we are aggressive and speak first. jillian: kellyanne conway said it took 5 minutes to blame the nra for the madman rampage but 5 days to sort of blame harvey weinstein for his sexual assault. we want to talk about the nfl and roger goodell sent a letter to the nfl teams, wants players to stand during the national anthem, it is suggested they stand but they don't have to, is
2:33 am
this too little too late? >> it is all about the race and he is starting to see when you are down in the ratings and down in income he is changing his tune. look at gerri jones saying it took mike pence walking out but why couldn't he have tackled it on the front end like adam silver at the nba? he has had enough, saying we are going to stand and that is it and that is all she wrote. then we have roger who flip-flopped. roger goodell is a weak leader. he needs to be replaced. >> not the first time roger goodell has been criticized for taking too long to respond to these things, what has to be done? >> i feel the same way. when the national anthem plays it is difficult for me, i cringe when i see people protesting that but at the same time first
2:34 am
amendment is enshrined in our constitution. people have the right to do that. if you take one person's freedoms you are taking others. roger goodell and others feel the way i do. the national anthem is important, not sure they are doing it for the ratings but at the end of the day mandating people by changing the manual is not the right way to handle this. jillian: that will be a meeting with the owners so we will see. thank you for joining us. rob: donald trump could soon be just yards from north korean soldiers, south korean media reporting the white house is scouting possible sites for his upcoming trip to asia including very intense demilitarized zone that separates south and north
2:35 am
korea. the rogue regime would likely see the appearance as provocative. former green beret at fox news contributor michael walsh said this visit would send a strong message. >> sends a message to the 30,000 troops we have in south korea whose lives are on the line. their commander in chief is leading, leading from the front and no longer going to accept the same old same old he has for the past 30 years. rob: meeting with top generals before air force bombers for the first time at night over the korean peninsula in a drill alongside south korean and japanese planes. the fbi arrested a man suspected of taping an alarm clock to a mason jar filled with nails and explosives and leaving it inside and airport. michael estes admitted to leaving them in north carolina, claims he was preparing to fight war on us soil but authorities have not released an exact
2:36 am
motive just yet. the supreme court debating a case that will decide how and if police officers should be shielded from liability after 16 partygoers cleared of trespassing charges in 2008, then later sued several washington dc police officers. the dc circuit court reporting officers did not have probable cause for entry and were not entitled to immunity from liability. critics are worried the ruling could have what they call the ferguson effect which leaves officers hesitant to enforce the law like we saw in missouri after the right. melania trump leading the charge against the opioid epidemic, she visited west virginia, helps families dealing with addiction. >> a passion of mine to educate them and educate families and
2:37 am
alter the conversation. rob: the first lady tweeting west virginia was incredibly special but let us find ways to help children grow into happy healthy adults. to the weather, we go to janice, and anticipated bad fire season out west and it has come to fruition. >> still watching the area where we have the sonoma fire. the flag warning in effect in that area, southern california as well several wildfires, fire weather watch, northern california, watching this carefully, it is 0% contained in the system to the north causing gusty winds so that red flag warning, conditions favorable for the spreading of wildfires, not the temperatures but low relative humidity, breezy conditions and the fact we have
2:38 am
0 containment so we are watching this through the work week because we don't have rainfall in the forecast, that system will bring rain and snow but none of it in the area we need it. rob: donald from taking tax reform on the road. what does it mean for your wallet? for get a test drive. how about a test by. of you don't like the car you just bought you can return it. coming up. ♪ (avo) when you have type 2 diabetes, you manage your a1c,
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rob: into politics now, tax talk in your wallet. in a few hours donald trump will head to pennsylvania to push his tax reform plan. jillian: he looks to repeal and
2:42 am
replace obamacare. griff jenkins with what you can expect from today's speech. >> reporter: he is heading to harrisburg, third visit is becoming president talking to 1000 workers at an air national guard hanger. many are truckers who he considers the lifeblood of the country, as trucks move so too is the economy. we expect from to talk about personal stories from the tax plan. here's what the president said, looking forward to the speech. >> people want to see tax cuts, major reductions in taxes and tax reform and that is what we are doing. >> reporter: there you go. that is what we expect to hear from him and we will see if he can sell republicans on it.
2:43 am
rob: they are hesitant to do anything to add to the national debt, we are $20 trillion and a lot our fiscal conservatives. you cut this dramatically, will they be on board with this? >> reporter: we saw with healthcare, it came time and again. job creation, working families stand to lose how economist peter morici was on this program earlier put it, take a listen. >> big benefits of ordinary working americans and any congressman voting against it is going to be exiled. >> reporter: we should note the president will use power of the pen on health care to sign a measure that would allow americans to buy healthcare across state lines. jillian: thank you for joining us. walmart turning up the heat in its war against amazon doubling down on the grocery race.
2:44 am
rob: the retail giant is convinced it sales will explode next year. >> reporter: walmart is already the number one retailer when it comes to in-store shopping but they have to keep up with amazon, they will be doubling the grocery pickups when you order groceries online, you pick it up right there and have 2000 of those, they will do this by 2018, hoping once you are there to pick up your groceries may be will pick something else up. the come back. they are hoping to increase online sales by 40% next year. jillian: i am the only person who has an done the online grocery thing. i never returned a car but now you can. >> reporter: a new program from hyundai trying to make a car more consumer friendly. participating dealerships will be able to check on their
2:45 am
website for the actual asking price so you won't be surprised and they will that you schedule a test drive, you can test drive in your neighborhood, maybe around your office and then do paperwork online and return the car within three days come you can get all your money back if you don't like it. you don't have to deal with a car salesman if you don't want to. rob: we live in a country with a lot of bs product, hangover free press echo sound like that. >> reporter: how many people can relate to this? >> you okay, buddy? >> no, i am in so much pain right now. >> reporter: that is from the movie the hangover. starting tomorrow the grocery store will be selling hangover free press echo so they claim. this is organic, supposed to contain less sulfide which is
2:46 am
linked to causing a hangover. the bad news is it is only available in the uk. when will it be available in stores in the us? jillian: when can we test it? >> reporter: does it work? rob: we will see. many blaming the las vegas massacre on automatic weapons. should we be blaming the gunmen instead? >> what are you waiting on? just start telling people. >> maybe guns in and of themselves don't kill people. rob: a firearms instructor joins us live, he will lay down his case coming up. jillian: let's check what is coming up on "fox and friends". >> reporter: california sheriff calling on u.s. congress to step in and change the state's actuary status, the national sheriffs association here on
2:47 am
that. twitter is backtracking on marsha blackburn absented ads showing her pro-life beliefs. letting her run the ads after twitter censored and the congresswoman will join us live, busy three i was kicked off 13 minutes from now on the channel you trust for your morning news, "fox and friends" first, back in two minutes. olay regenerist
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jillian: a facebook post going viral of the chicago arms instructor proving guns don't kill people, people kill people. >> you have all three loaded firearms, all three, here we go.
2:51 am
what are you waiting on? start killing people. maybe guns in and of themselves don't kill people. rob: the video has been viewed 21/2 million times, very popular. joining us from chicago is former law enforcement officer mike brown. it is for:50 a.m.. tell us what inspired this video, you are very intense when you make your message. >> it is often the case that when you have tragedies involving the use of guns it is typically at this point as we have seen with las vegas incident that you have people that are haters of guns and want to control guns and even eliminate them they tend to use that point to try to ban the gun
2:52 am
under the influence of the emotions already present in a tragic situation. jillian: some notes about you, talking about increasingly tougher laws not changing economic and mental conditions behind the attacks or people can get guns legally but not getting proper training. what would you say to make the situation better? it is an increasing situation and it seems the mass shootings are getting worse? >> that is definitely the case but i can't speak to other state laws but i can speak to the state of illinois. in order to get a firearm one has to apply, be 21 years of age and just have to apply for illinois state police to get these firearms identification cards without the benefit of receiving training. this is not the case for vehicles where you have to receive training to get that driver's license so you would think in such a state as illinois, the last in the union to get concealed carry you would
2:53 am
think sound minds of legislators that would have enacted with that law whoever receives a firearm legally must go through training. rob: pro-gun people will say the terrorists killed 86 people with a lori truck, do you band trucks? killed as many if not more than any of the terror attacks of late and point to the fact more guns in the united states and gun violence going down and the simple fact criminals don't care about gun laws and we have millions of guns in this country but democrats simply say the guy in las vegas didn't have those semi automatic rifles all those people wouldn't be dead. two sides to every story and this is one of them. >> there are two sides to every story is one thing i can say is if you look at the guns he did have he did obtain those legally. the device that was used was
2:54 am
approved when president obama was in office, i can say you can ban guns, you can make all kinds of laws you want to but it is ingenuity, how do you criminalize ingenuity? jillian: you are a former police officer, you served in the army, you have a lot of background. i am curious your take on las vegas -- do you think he should have been able to have that many guns legally? >> whether or not we want to put a rifles or firearms that is debatable. thing is once there is a, we talk about police department who cut their staffing, governments that shut down because there is not money, we have a drug enforcement agency the can't stop drugs coming into the country. if there is a how do we enforce that? there are millions of guns.
2:55 am
if we put a cap on that how do we enforce qq rob: thank you for coming on. interesting points you are making. 6 weeks into the season roger goodell finally telling players to stand for the national anthem. why now and is a too late? comments coming up. >> a couple find the camera in their bedroom pointed at their bed. wait till you hear how they found it. ♪ .
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bp engineered a fleet of 32 brand new ships with advanced technology, so we can make sure oil and gas get where they need to go safely. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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rob: before we go we want to gross you out. a couple vacationing in a florida b and b find a camera behind a smoke detector pointed at their bed. the husband said he was investigating a tiny hole. the homeowner was arrested and charged. that is disgusting. the nfl season roger goodell says players should stand. right now they are supposed to but it's not mandatory that they stand. so the question is does this have anything to do with record. ratings fears or losing a big tax break? rob: that is the question. dave on facebook says it's all about money. after all, it is a business. jillian: we have another comment from franlics on facebook. tax breaks should be
3:00 am
removed. disrespect our flag, national anthem they need to pay. boycott games and sponsors. rob: still worried about the money. stick with college football. there you have it. thanks for joining us this morning. jillian: keep those comments coming by the way. i don't think this is the last time we will talk about this. rob: "fox & friends" starts right now. see you later. >> major win for president trump. nfl commissioner roger goodell wrote a letter to team owners that reads like this. we believe everyone should stopped for the national anthem. >> in just a few hours, president trump will hit the road to push his new tax reform plan. >> people wanting to see tax cuts and that's what we're doing. >> at least 17 fires have ripped through tens of thousands of acres. >> 17 people dead and at least 200 people missing. >> looks like a bomb went off. >> the measure people rose up and now they have reversed their decision and they are going to allow the video to stand and us to push it forward. >> it's a scandal swirling around hollywood producer harvey weinstein has


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